George Allan Mitchell VC


George Allan Mitchell was born on the 30th August 1911 in Highgate, London.

He was a Private with 1st Battalion, London Scottish, (Gordon Highlanders.)

On the 23rd/24th January 1944 at Damiano Ridge, Italy, the advance was held up by German machine guns at point blank range.

Without hesitation he dropped his mortar, grabbed a rifle and bayonet and charged up the hill alone. Under intense fire, he jumped into the weapon pit and killed the crew. The advance continued but was again held up by an enemy position.

He rushed forward again, followed by the rest of his section. They captured the position and killed six of the enemy, taking a further twelve prisoner.

Another machine gun opened fire at close range as they were reorganising. Again he rushed forward alone, and killed the crew with his rifle and bayonet.

They then came under heavy small arms fire from the crest of the hill, from which grenades were also being thrown. He led them in an assault up the steep, rocky hill, and as the first man to reach the position, was the main reason the enemy were forced to surrender.

Minutes later he was shot through the head by one of the Germans who had just surrendered. He was thirty two years old.

It was announced on the 10th August 1944 that George Mitchell was to be awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross for his actions.